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Your Old, Slow Website is Killing Your Business

You've got a problem. Your website was built using WordPress, it has little written content on it, and it isn't designed for mobile phones. You're probably wondering, "Why does that matter? Isn't just having a website good enough?"

Short answer: no. If you aren't running paid advertisements, the only way your website and business will be found is when someone searches for your business type on Google.

Google ranks websites in search results based on how fast your website loads, how it adapts to different screen sizes, and the keywords used on your website. If your website loads slowly, doesn't fit phone and tablet screens, and doesn't have keywords, you're going to be at the very bottom of search results.

"Fair enough", you say, "But what do you do that's better?"

How to Fix it

Our Websites Excel in Google Searches

Our custom websites are built using only HTML and CSS. There's no wasteful code or unnecessary JavaScript used, which means that your website loads instantly. This satisfies Google's speed requirements.

We mathematically define the size of every item on the website for every possible screen size. This ensures that your website looks great on phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers, which further boosts your website's speed.

And we perform market research to determine the most important keywords for your business and use them on each page of your website. This ensures that when someone in your area searches for your type of business on Google, your website will begin to rise higher in the search rankings.

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Let's get to work

Bring Your Website into the Space Age!

If you're tired of looking unprofessional online and you're ready to start fixing your slow, dated website, reach out to us! We'll perform an audit of your website and tell you how we'd improve it. There's no commitment, and if you don't want to work with us after our call, we'll go our separate ways.

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