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You didn't start your business to waste time checking emails, building websites or coming up with social media posts - let us handle the tech stuff so you can focus on your business.


Let Us Handle the Tech Stuff

Don't waste your time wrestling with page-builders or coming up with social media posts. Let us worry about mobile-responsiveness and growing your audience so you can focus on what matters: your business.


Websites Built for the Space Age

Our websites are custom coded and built for the modern internet. Your old page-builder website - you know, the one you haven't updated since 2008 - is slow. The only picture was taken by your cousin: it's a blurry picture of you standing in the rain, holding a can of soda. Is that really the first impression you want to make? Maybe it's time you let a professional build something you can be proud of.

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Space Age Digital

All Your Messages in One Place

We know it's a nightmare managing messages via Facebook, Instagram, text, and email. With Space Age Digital, all your messages live in one app, making it fast and simple to respond to your customers as soon as they reach out.

Space Age Digital also offers Missed Call Text Back. If someone calls your business line and you don't pick up, we'll automatically send them a text to get the conversation started before they even have time to reach out to your competitors.

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You Don't Even Like Social Media, Do You?

Be honest: how many hours per week do you spend trying to come up with posts for your social media profile? If you're like most business owners, you spend two minutes every few weeks reminding your Facebook friends that you own a business. Why not hand this off to someone who loves making awesome content?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here's how we make your business look more professional than all your competitors.

  • Every website we build is custom-coded using only HTML and CSS, which allows them to load faster than websites built with page-builders like Wix and Wordpress. There's no bloated code to make your website load slowly.

  • Page-builders were designed to allow anyone to build their own websites without having to learn HTML and CSS. They do this using complicated JavaScript programs that have to load before all of the HTML and CSS, which slows down how quickly the webpage loads.

  • Google - you know, the Kings of the Internet, ranks websites in search results based on multiple factors: speed, keywords, and how well a website adapts to different screen sizes (phones, tablets, laptops, etc.) The most important factor is speed, and nothing kills speed like bloated and messy code. Our code is clean and doesn't use any unnecessary JavaScript.

  • We handle those, too. Our sites are built to instantly fit any screen size by mathematically defining the size of everything on the website. For keywords, we do industry research to figure out the most important keywords for your business and use them throughout your website.

  • Think of it this way: when you visit a new place and want Mexican food, what do you do? You probably search Google for "Mexican food near me." People do this when they want to decide which hair salon to go to, where to get their car fixed, or what doggy daycare to use. How highly your website ranks in a Google search directly determines how likely your website is to get visitors looking for your goods or services.

    If your website loads slowly, has no keywords, and doesn't adapt to different screen sizes, guess where you'll end up in Google searches. That's right, on the second or third page - a place nobody ever goes unless they're desperate. You don't just want the people who are desperate, do you?

  • We create content to keep your business in the minds of your customers and to attract new ones. We remind them of helpful tips for your industry, engage with your followers and other local businesses, and show off the most recent work you've completed.

  • It certainly helps! Depending on your industry, before and after images can be helpful for showing off the quality of your work. But you don't have to send us images; we create our own all the time.

  • We currently post content for our customers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter/X, and LinkedIn.

  • We don't currently post on these platforms, but we plan to in the future!

  • We create custom plans for each client, so it's okay if you only have one or two profiles. We can create additional profiles and update them with all your information.

  • Absolutely. We'll update your Google Business profile with the most accurate information for you company, and we'll help you reach out to previous customers to get more 5-star reviews for your business. The more reviews you have, the more likely someone is to trust your business.

  • We include the creation of documents like these in every tier of membership. We'll style documents with your company colors and branding.

  • We're happy to work with you to update your old logo or create something entirely new for your business!

  • We offer all our customers 24/7 support, website updates whenever you like, Google Analytics to track your web traffic, customized forms to capture whatever customer information you require, domain setup and hosting fees, copywriting, and more. Our goal is to make your company look as modern and professional online as it does in person!


Here's What Our Clients Think of Our Work

Here are just a few of the businesses we've brought into the Space Age - let us know when you're ready to join us!

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