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Does My Business Need Social Media Profiles?

If your business isn't growing, it's dying. Most small businesses bring in new customers via word of mouth referrals. But this ignores a large portion of available customers - that's where social media comes in.

People spend two and a half hours per day on social media - this means there are thousands of eyeballs near you just waiting to see your content. If your social media accounts are constantly providing value to these potential customers, you're missing out on goodwill and word of mouth.

We regularly post content to your social channels that provides value to these potential customers. This creates trust and goodwill between your business and your neighbors.

This helps them keep your business in mind when they finally need whatever you offer - if they value your free content, they are more likely to value the goods and services you sell.

Showcasing your business

What Kinds of Posts Do You Create?

We create multiple kinds of posts depending on your needs. Some of our clients want to rebrand and make announcements about new products or services. Others will send us before and after images of jobs so we can show prospects what level of service to expect.

In other cases, we create series of posts giving followers helpful tips for things like seasonal yard care, routine home maintenance, and ways to stay safe online. Whatever your business offers, we can create a content plan that will deliver value up front to your followers, which will make them more likely to turn to you when they need a paid service.

If your business fulfills seasonal needs, we'll strategically create content to deploy at the right time. We engage with your followers to maximize your brand exposure, and we collaborate with you as much or as little as you like - if you want to be hands-off, we'll handle everything.

We also offer recurring strategy sessions, where we create a content plan with you for the coming months and follow-up later to discuss results. We track your company's social media growth and most engaging content so that we can better serve you with time.

Let's get to work

Bring Your Social Media into the Space Age!

If you're ready to give your socials a professional look, let us know! We'll perform an audit of your socials and tell you what we'd do to improve them. There's no commitment, and if you don't want to work with us after our call, we'll go our separate ways.

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